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Neck Pain Be Gone!

Legend has it that the president of Cuddledown used to have rather ferocious neck pain upon waking. He challenged himself with designing a pillow that would help to relax the tight muscles in the back of his neck. He struck gold with the introduction of the Down-Filled Neck Support Pillow.  This unique pillow has a firmer channel that gently supports the neck, while allowing one’s head to sink into downy softness.

And it seems that others are picking up on just how great this pillow is!  It is currently one of the pillows being featured on a Better TV segment highlighting great pillow picks.  Check out the video here.

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  1. I avoid neck pain from computer usage by making sure that your computer is at the correct height for you to work. You may need a higher chair or lower table.
    Stand up and straighten up every 30 -45 mins or so. What you are describing is a repetitive strain injury.

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