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Snobbish Thoughts April 2009

Neck Pain Be Gone!

Legend has it that the president of Cuddledown used to have rather ferocious neck pain upon waking. He challenged himself with designing a pillow that would help to relax the tight muscles in the back of his neck. He struck gold with the introduction of the Down-Filled Neck Support Pillow.  This unique pillow has a firmer channel that gently supports the neck, while allowing one’s head to sink into downy softness.

And it seems that others are picking up on just how great this pillow is!  It is currently one of the pillows being featured on a Better TV segment highlighting great pillow picks.  Check out the video here.

Go to the head of the bed

While flipping through the many design & style blogs I read, I happened upon a photo that caught my attention: a rather unique headboard created out of a chalkboard.

Chalkboard Headboard

The whimsy of such an idea caught my fancy & soon sent me on an Internet scavenger hunt to find other creative headboard ideas.  Most of these involve found items or good ol’ do-it-yourself elbow grease.  Goes to show that creativity has no boundaries when you think outside of the box!

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The Fight Felt Around the World

From Amsterdam to Zurich, the feathers were flying!  We celebrated World Pillow Fight Day in good company (though these folks got a bit of a “fowl” deal).  Did you miss our Internet-exclusive Pillow Fight Pillow sale?  Don’t miss the next one!  By becoming a member of our email family, you’ll get first peek at new items, receive helpful tips, & be privy to news about current & upcoming sales, as well as surprise discounts!

Let Spring In! Part II

You’ve done the dirty work of cleaning & have started to “springify” your bed, changing out your cozy flannels for something crisp & cool, like our very springy Daisy Percale or our pastel-hued Organic Percale Bedding.

It’s also time to pack up your heavy winter comforter & bring out a lighter one.  We offer both a blanket weight & a summer weight comforter.  I know, it can seem a little confusing because we also offer blankets.  Think of it this way, a blanket weight comforter gives you the warmth of about one light to mid-weight blanket, but with the airiness of a comforter.  A summer weight comforter would be the next level up, allowing for a tiny bit more insulation & a wee bit more “poof!” to your comforter.  If you prefer to keep the same comforter on year round, our level one weight would be your best bet.  For more information, check out our web article “How to Choose a Cuddledown Comforter.”

But be sure to air our your comforters! Hanging a comforter from an open window actually helps increase the longevity by evaporating any existing moisture among your fill – & it’s picturesque too! Not to mention it’ll leave your comforter (& your bed) smelling spring fresh!

Swapping out your pillows isn’t a bad idea either.  A good habit to get into is actually using TWO pillows per person – changing them out on alternate days.  That way while you’re using one pillow, the other is airing out, again increasing longevity by evaporating any moisture buildup.

To get you motivated to get (& keep) your room all nice & tidy, here are some lovely, inspiring bedroom pics:

Design by David HertzDesign by Lori Dennis

from PointClickHomefrom Martha Stewart - Unlikely Alliances

Happy cleaning!


Via (from clockwise):  HGTV, HGTV, MarthaStewart, PointClickHome, .

Let Spring In! Part I

From the Conde Nast photo archives

From the Conde Nast photo archives

A breath of fresh air – that’s what spring feels like to me.  After months & months (& months – I am in Maine, after all) of being housebound & looking at snowbanks taller than me, it’s invigorating to finally see COLOR.  Right now, I can look out the office window & actually see the teeniest green buds on some bushes in the parking lot.  Dreamy!

With all of this new life about to bloom, I’ve got one thing on my mind: SPRING CLEANING. Time to throw open the windows & let the house breathe!  Time to organize! Declutter! Purge! While every room could benefit from a top-to-bottom scrubbing, I’m going to focus on the bedroom.  There is just nothing as soothing as sleeping in a freshly cleaned & organized room.

I’m no organizer by trade, so I thought it best to look to the professionals about how to get such a daunting job done.  This list is actually from the blog archives, but I think it still applies.  I’ve always found that it’s a good idea to have a map for doing such a big cleaning job.

Once you’ve completed all of the grunt work of dusting, vacuuming, & Versailles Toile Voilepurging, it’s time to put it all back together, hopefully in a neat & tidy package.  When redressing your bed, think about warm-weather fabrics like seersucker or Italian linen. Voile, too, is perfect for warm weather sleeping & is especially appreciated by those who sleep hot.  As an added bonus, voile is so elegant that it can add a sophisticated note to any room.

But it doesn’t end there!  Next up: comforters & pillows – tune in next week for some helpful hints.

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