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Love not war… no more pillow fights! Learn to love your pillow – Part III

March 9, 2009 by

So we’ve covered what kind of sleeper you are & what your fill options are. But what should your pillow be covered in?

As far as tickings – the material that covers the fill – you’ll find that most are made out of cotton for breathability. But cotton comes in many flavors from unbleached, undyed, & organic to Pima & long staple Egyptian. Not to mention that there are numerous weaves like cambric, sateen, & dobby! While ticking fiber can be important depending on what your eco-friendly ethics might be & the type of air permeability you might want, weaves are often more for appearance & hand (or feel) than functionality.

Of course, once you do make such an important purchase, you’re going to want to preserve it! Be sure to always use pillow protectors – whether they be dust mite proof (highly recommended to keep those morning sniffles & burning eyes away, especially for the highly allergic) or simply cotton, which will get the job done. Pillow protectors will increase the life span of your pillow quite a bit. A quick word about dust mites: these little buggers can wreck havoc on the unsuspecting sleeper, so ridding your home of them benefits everyone.

Are you ready? What are you waiting for? Off on the hunt with you! May each of you find that much-sought-after pillow perfection!

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