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Love not war… no more pillow fights! Learn to love your pillow – Part II

March 6, 2009 by

In my last post, we talked about sleep positions & how they effect your pillow choices.  Once you’ve determined what type of sleeper you are and the general kind of pillow you should be looking for, next it’s time for some fun! There are oodles of choices out there from ticking material to fill. For those who prefer a poofy, cushy pillow, down is the favored choice. There are lots of misconceptions about down & allergies. The fact is that few people are actually allergic to down, but rather the particles left on the down when it’s not properly cleaned. Our down goes through a rigorous cleaning process to remove all of the allergens, leaving you with a fluffy, cloud-like, sneeze-free sleeping experience. So down is probably one of the more popular choices, especially as there’s a down pillow for every type of sleeper – stomach, back, or side.

But it’s not the only choice! People who truly feel that they are sensitive to down, may opt for a down alternative fill. Our down alternative is cushy, soft, & lofts similarly to down. It’s the next best thing to real down. Keep in mind, however, that as a natural fiber, down has an inherent resilience & is more likely to last longer before needing to be replaced.

Cotton is one of the most popular fibers for…just about everything! And pillows are no exception. They can be found in bleached or unbleached varieties, depending on your personal taste, and are often ALL cotton, right down to the thread. Cotton pillows tend to be firmer & less squashy than down, but cotton enthusiasts swear by them.

Wool pillows have heaps of naturally occurring positive attributes. They are inherently anti-microbial & anti-fungal, wick away perspiration,& are naturally temperature-regulating. A rather amazing fiber. However, like cotton pillows, wool pillows tend to be on the firm side and aren’t terribly malleable. Both wool & cotton pillow are perhaps best for side or back sleepers.

Then there are the foam pillows: (natural) latex & memory foam. Natural latex foam is derived from rubber trees, while memory foam is a synthetic material, originally developed for NASA for use in space craft. Like cotton & wool, both of these foams would be best suited for those who sleep on their side or back.

Natural latex pillows offer incredible support, with a little bit of give. Because it’s a porous material, latex has some spring do it (as opposed to memory foam, which is very dense & adjusts immediately to your head – with very little bounce). Like wool, latex is naturally anti-microbial & anti-fungal & is also fairly breathable. As an added bonus, it’s got a bit more squish to it than a wool or cotton pillow.

Memory foam is technical, in vogue, & has a loyal following. It conforms to your shape, cradling your head & easing any pressure points. To take it a up a notch, you can mix a memory foam insert with a down-filled outer ticking (a la our Down Covered Memory Foam Pillow), creating a heavenly match of technical & natural materials.

Okay, so now you’ve determined what type of sleeper you are &  what your pillow fill should be. You’re nearly done! Tune in next Wednesday for the exciting conclusion of how to pick your perfect pillow!

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    OK, so how do i stop the “covers war,” i say she steals the covers at night, she says i do. maybe some sort of elastic belt? we have a king size comforter on a queen size bed, which i thought would solve the problem. any suggestions?

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