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Snobbish Thoughts February 2009

Your linen closet pet peeves – check out the poll results!

Well, the numbers are in for our very first poll: “What is your biggest linen closet pet peeve?”  I’m so excited that so many people stopped by to take the poll!  It looks like all told we had 41 responses with the biggest chunk of grievances coming from those who find their linen closet too small.  Following at a close second is too cluttered.  If you’re more of a visual person – like myself – here’s a fancy pie chart of the results:

Linen closet pet peeve pie chartPretty saucy, no?  As far as the numbers go, I can also share this:

Linen closet pet peeve percentagesAnd what does “other answer” mean?  These were the folks who wrote in their pet peeve.  And I have to say, my heart goes out to the two of you who wrote in to lament that you, in fact, have NO linen closet.  What do you do with all of your sheets & towels & other linen closet-y type of things?  I suspect creativity had to be employed & would be very interested to read how you dealt with this problem.  Please do share!

For the rest of us – with our small, cluttered, dark, & inaccessible linen closets – it looks like we would benefit from some well-planned organization!  A big part of such a project is folding, which inevitably leads one to ask, “Why are fitted sheets so hard to fold anyway?”  No longer!  To aid you in your linen closet de-cluttering, here’s a short video that clearly explains the step by step process:

In no time, you’ll be folding like a pro & will smile with satisfaction at your neat stacks of 400 Thread Count Sateens.  Or, at the very least, you’ll be able to get your linen closet ship-shape, spending less time digging around for things & more time relaxing.

Our Very Own


Today’s exciting news is that we are – for the first time ever – launching our very own Cuddledown-designed sleepwear line. Meet Amadora: she’s stylish, classy, and above all else, very, very comfortable.

What makes the Amadora line so special? To answer this question, I sat down with Cuddledown Apparel Designer, Heather, to get the nitty gritty on what was involved in such a project.

TBS: Congratulations! This must be pretty exciting for you, to see an idea made real! So tell me, what prompted you to develop an exclusive Cuddledown line of sleepwear?

H: It was a project that we’ve been planning for some time. Our customers love our sleepwear  & we felt that offering a Cuddledown line of mix & match pieces would have added appeal.

TBS: What were the steps you needed to take to assemble such a line? What’s the process?

H: First we needed to find a reputable manufacturer. Someone whose end-product quality would be worthy to wear the Cuddledown name. Then we determined what the different body types would be, looking at how our different sleepwear silhouettes have sold over time. Next came the really fun part of selecting a print and deciding how to color it. Once we figured out the print colors, we were able to choose solid colors to match. Of course we make sure to fit test all of our products and make changes where necessary. After we get the perfect fit, orders are placed, the item is manufactured, we’re sent samples for photography, and then voila! The finished product is put in the catalog.

TBS: How does this process differ (or does it?) from how you develop other sleepwear for Cuddledown?

H: The steps are pretty much the same, but because this was a collection & involved so many different pieces, there were more details that needed to be coordinated. It was definitely an exciting challenge!

TBS: Where did you get your inspiration for the different colors, prints, & body styles?

H: The floral was inspired by English gardens and beautiful old fabrics. The colors were chosen based on what I thought our customer would like. I wanted things to be a little brighter and happier than the soft pastels we’ve run previously, while keeping it pink and fun. The deep ground color on the floral really pops the print- I am proud of how it turned out. The stripe is just so light and summery – very Katharine Hepburn. Both the solid colors & those in the stripe were pulled out of the floral. The bodies that we selected are based on past successes: classic pj, light weight woven gown, and lounge separates. Items with lace have also sold very well, and the stretch lace on our knit items is really very nice.

TBS: Is there any significance to the name you chose: Amadora?

H: We wanted something that was romantic & memorable, a name that would communicate quality as well asAmadora Cordelia Striped Robe & Mira 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top classic design. Amadora really fit the bill.

TBS: What do you envision for the future of Amadora?

H: I would like to see it become a Cuddledown lifestyle brand. Items that you can answer the door in, yet clothing that is still super comfortable. Eventually, I’d like to broaden the line to one day include apparel (beyond sleepwear) and maybe even slippers. My hope is that Amadora is here to stay, becoming a Cuddledown staple.

Well there you have it folks, the inside scoop on our newest achievement! It’s pretty amazing, all that’s involved from taking an idea & making it real. And since we’re friends, I’ll give you the heads up that we’re in the process of designing new Amadora styles for the upcoming Fall 2009 book. Think cozy & elegant! But that’s all I’ll say for now. I don’t want to give everything away!

As we’re talking about jammies, tell me, what do you look for in your favorite nightgowns, pajamas, robes, or bed jackets?  I can’t wait to read your answers –

Inaugural Post

Come in, come in! Please don’t mind the dust – we’re still moving in. Yes, just kick aside the boxes & grab a seat. Comfy? Good! I’m so glad you found us. Welcome to The Bedding Snob – Cuddledown’s blog for people who are passionate about both style & sleep. After all, sleep affects just about every aspect of our lives; shouldn’t it be fabulous?

I’ll be your host during your stay here at our little oasis of rest. Please be sure to let me know what I can do to make things more comfortable. My hope is that The Bedding Snob will become a place for fellow snobs to connect & discuss the finer things in sleep and bedding. Think of it as your sleep sanctuary resource, where we can chat about handy tips on bedroom decor, how to get quality sleep (even when on the go), and other fun things like what that talking bird in last night’s dream might mean. Not a snob yet? We’ll convert you! Before you know it, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in luxurious sateen and feather-light batiste (and if you don’t know what that means, I’ll be your bedding basics tutor!). Remember, the first rule of bedding snobbery is that cultivating relaxation need not leave you starving for style.

Be sure to keep coming back for tips & tricks of the trade that my sister-snobs & I have picked up over the years. We’ll answer your burning questions like “Does Thread Count Really Matter?” & “How In The World Do You Fold A Fitted Sheet?” I’ll also be posting fun surveys about various bed & sleep related topics. Of course, I’m dying to know your thoughts, so I hope you’ll comment. Don’t be shy! And let’s remember, bedding snobbery is not just for the ladies. I’ve known many a man who knows exactly what he’s sleeping on & has very definite opinions about it. So boys, if you’re out there, speak up!

And because I just want to jump right in, please check out our very first survey over there in the sidebar.

Thanks again for stopping by; tune in next week for some more snobbery goodness!

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